F1-35 Series and Parallel Pumps

The series and parallel accessory is designed to be positioned securely on the F1-10-2 Hydraulics Bench and has two pumps to demonstrate the characteristics of pumps connected in series or parallel. The pumps are driven by integral DC motors with variable speed control. Pressure gauges are mounted to measure the pressure at the inlet and outlet.
The pumps are fed from a constant head tank that forms part of the accessory, fed by the F1-10-2 pump. Flow discharges into the volumetric tank of the F1-10-2 via a flow control valve which permits an output pressure to be applied to load the pumps.
They can be operated either independently or in conjunction connected in series or parallel. Bother pumps speeds are individually controlled and varied by using the controllers allocated on the frame.
Flexible tubing and quick release connectors are supplied to allow the pumps to be connected for single pump, series or parallel pump operation.

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