FEL6 – Demonstration Lysimeter


FEL6 – Demonstration Lysimeter


The Armfield FEL6 lysimeter consists of three 300mm diameter containers in which a variety of crop types can be grown in any soil type.

Each container can then in turn be placed on a hydraulically mounted plate, which is used to monitor system weight changes arising from evapotranspiration, precipitation and drainage.

Despite its simplicity, the apparatus has a high degree of sensitivity and may be used for student project work as well as for demonstration purposes.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


  • Study of the evapotranspiration measurement by use of a lysimeter
  • Study of a lysimeter operation
  • Determine lysimeter sensitivity to gains and losses in weight at different manometer angles and to relate this to gains or losses in water
  • Demonstrate the components of the soil-plant-water system using the lysimeter
  • Measuring the variations of water loss or gain from the soil and plant due to evapotranspiration, precipitation and drainage processes
  • Demonstrate the principles of relationships between reference crop evapotranspiration, maximum and actual evapotranspiration
  • Determination of the plants water usage
  • Determine changes in diurnal evapotranspiration as measured by the lysimeter

Demonstration Lysimeter Apparatus comprising:

  • Base and inner disc to support soil filled container and plant, resting on a hydraulic sensing device located in the base that is connected to a graduated water column mounted above the lysimeter
  • Complete with spare plant containers
  • Complete with instruction manual

Cold water supply


Volume: 0.6m³

Gross Weight: 100kg

Length: 0.43m

Width: 0.312m

Height: 0.080m



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