SV808 Extension of Springs Apparatus

Extension of Springs Apparatus, to test the relationship between the load applied and the change in length of a spring (Hooke’s Law) also determine spring stiffness using measured spring data and load versus extension graphs, this devise will cater for a number of working with springs exercises.
A steel, powder coated wall housing has a spring support at its top and a through hole at its lower end. A loop ended extension spring is hooked over the spring support and its remaining loop secured to a Load hanger.
Attached to the shaft of the Load hanger is an extension indicator. This has a small horizontal mark inscribed which reads up against the extension scale on the wall housing. The indicator can be moved up or down the Load hanger shaft to accurately adjust the start position of extension measurements and to cater for different length springs.
The Load hanger has a solid base onto which the set of calibrated weights supplied is suspended.

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