PCT64 – Servo Pendulum

A servo pendulum is a specific type of control system used for applications like pendulum control and inverted pendulum control.
Learning about servo pendulum control systems allows students to
see real-world applications of control theory. These systems are used
in areas like robotics, aviation, and mechatronics, and understanding them can help students relate theory to practice.
Pressure control is directly related to the safety of industrial processes. Improper pressure levels can lead to equipment failure, leaks, or even explosions. Teaching pressure control emphasizes the importance of maintaining safe operating conditions.
The Armfield PCT64 servo pendulum control system introduces students to fundamental control concepts, such as feedback control, proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers, and closed-loop control systems.
The system consists of a powerful DC motor mounted on a rugged frame. A disc with captive nuts is attached to the DC motor and students are able to screw in 100-gram weights to different parts of the disc to alter the characteristics of the system.
A single weight at 0 degrees forms an inverting pendulum.

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