UOP8-MkIIe Computer Controlled Tray Dryer

The UOP8-MkIIe comprises a square air duct fabricated from stainless steel. Air is drawn into the duct through a mesh guard and flow damper by an axial flow fan. The fan speed can be controlled to produce a range of air velocities in the duct. The air passes over an electrically heated element with electronic closed-loop control, which provides stable air temperatures at the user-selected value.
A tray carrier is located in the central section of the duct, which can hold up to three trays of material to be dried. The UOP8-MkIIe is supplied with three lightweight coated aluminium trays suitable for food applications. The trays are inserted or removed from the duct through a latched side door with an acrylic panel for viewing purposes.
The total weight of the trays and the carrier is measured using three load cells and is displayed on the software. A graph of weight against time allows the drying regimes to be displayed and understood. From the rate of change (slope) of this graph the drying rate can be determined.

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