SV - Theory of Machines

The branch of engineering science which deals with the study of relative motion between various elements of a machine and the forces which act on them.

SD-1.50 Wheel and Axle – SD-1.51 Wheel and Differential Axle Apparatus – SD-1.52 Efficiency of Screw Threads – SD-1.53 Gear Tooth Form Apparatus – SD-1.54 Cam and Follower Apparatus – SD-1.55 Simple Flywheel – SD-1.56 Epicyclic Gear Train – SD-1.57 Castor, Camber, and King Pin Inclination – SD-1.58 Relation Between Angular and Linear Speeds – SD-1.59 Disc Brake Apparatus – SD-1.60 Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus – SD-1.61 Governor Apparatus – SD-1.62 Gear Assembly Unit Combined Drives – SD-1.63 Single Epicyclic Gear Train.


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