HT10X Service Unit And Heat Transfer Accessories

The Armfield HT10X PC controlled heat transfer service unit is utilised in conjunction with a wide range of modular-small-scale experiment accessories in order to demonstrate several modes of heat transfer.

HT10X – Computer Controlled Heat Transfer Service Unit, HT11X – Linear Heat Conduction, HT12X – Radial Heat Conduction, HT13X – Laws of Radiant Heat Transfer and Radiant Heat Exchange, HT14X – Combined Convection and Radiation, HT15X – Extended Surface Heat Exchanger, HT16X – Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement, HT17X – Unsteady-State Heat Transfer, HT18X – Thermo-Electric Heat Pump, HT19X – Free and Forced Convection, HT20X – Computer Controlled Conductivity of Liquids and Gases

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