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Welcome to Armfield Engineering

About Armfield

History, Culture and Mission

To inspire the next generation of engineers through the development of innovative teaching equipment.

Since our inception in 1963 Armfield has been a proud, independent and responsible provider of technical equipment. Today, Armfield is the world leader in the supply of innovative Education Equipment and Industrial Research & Development equipment for Food, Pharmaceutical and Industry labs.
People are at the core of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress. Every Armfield employee’s contribution, no matter how big or small, forges the success of our organisation with the customer placed at the very heart of our business.

Our equipment allows users to educate, test and research in innovative ways that fit their individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products.

Armfield has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality products and services while rapidly responding to international needs for innovative and accurate educational and industrial equipment. A primary strategy is superior customer satisfaction. Armfield constantly analyses market, product and curriculum needs around the world to develop a full range of products for education and industrial research.

With our focus on delivering meaningful innovation and content, we serve multiple markets throughout the world in the areas of High Schools, Universities and Industrial Processing. We are a leader in Fluid Dynamics, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical Engineering, Food and Pharmaceutical Processing.