FT110DP Rapid Extractor

The Armfield FT110DP uses high pressure and a combination of both static and dynamic extraction phases to achieve a rapid extraction of the active materials with minimum degradation to the product. In the dynamic phases, the solvent is passed through the material providing
a forced percolation and agitation.
The process pressure, number of cycles and length of each phase are programmable by the user. In this way the effect of the extraction parameters on the end product can be explored and an optimum
set of parameters determined for each product.
The FT110DP vessel is loaded with solvent and primed manually. A single pneumatic piston is used to generate the pressure in the vessel and to provide the solvent percolation using a novel system of valves.
Included are two 5 litre external vessels. One for recirculation and solvent storage and one for solvent recovery.

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