EF Bundled Education Solutions

Part of a comprehensive range of engineering topic trainers.

The Engineering Fundamentals range is designed to enable students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of engineering by the process of learning via hands-on experimentation.

The modular hands-on tray-based system is supplied in conjunction with a multifunctional Base Unit enabling the student to conduct their own experiments in subjects such as Statics, Dynamics, Mechanisms, Kinematics, and Strength of Materials.

Each kit is supplied with a highly visual user-friendly operational guide, enabling the student to understand the theory of the subject by the application of practical experimentation.

Kits include:

EFK1 Forces and Moments Kit / EFK2 Materials Testing Kit / EFK3 Simple Machines Kit / EFK4 Mechanisms Kit / EFK5 Vibration, Friction & Energy / EFK6 Engineering Fundamentals Complete Kit



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