FT25X Modular Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Systems

The FT25X Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Series based on the the Armfield Food rated stainless steel frame with improved HMI touch screen. The working platform can accommodate one or two barrels (B) and a variable speed pinworker (P) alongside the hopper and connection ports.
The unit is housed in a Stainless Steel (304) cabinet with removable sides for easy access. It uses a refrigeration system supplied within the cabinet with a chilled, food-grade refrigerant, which is pumped through the barrel jackets.
An air incorporation system and CIP kit can also be added if required.
Small batch sizes enable rapid product testing. Enhanced CIP facility available (FT52).
Note: For Scraped surface heat exchanger applications involving product heating, UHT, or combined heating and cooling, please enquire about our FT174X – Modular Miniature HTST/UHT Process System.

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