SV202 - Deflection of Trusses

One of a range of experiment frameworks that teach structure principles, this experiment kit consists of 25 truss members of various lengths allow the construction of three 5-bay cantilever truss frameworks, with one framework having a 30° top member inclination.
The frames mount on two side brackets mounted from the left vertical edge of the universal frame. One bracket has a pivoting support whilst the other acts as a pivoting and rolling support. Forces can be applied to any truss hub using the load cell assembly.
The strain and force exerted in each member is measured using a strain gauge attached to each truss member. The signals from each member strain gauge and load cell are fed through the strain amplifier into the computer interface.
Deflection can be measured at any point on the framework using the digital indicator attached to the guide rod of the DTI mounting assembly suspended from the universal frame top rail. This assembly is fully adjustable and can be manoeuvred accurately over the joint.

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