FS-5.1 Flow Visualisation

The Flow Visualisation accessory is a transparent working section for a water flow loop, providing students with a hands-on experience to learn fluid mechanics. Designed for educational experiments, this accessory offers exceptional optical access and can be driven by the Armfield [base station] or other water sources.
With its transparent design, the Flow Visualisation accessory allows students to observe fluid flow patterns with clarity, enabling them to explore the dynamics of fluid mechanics in real time. The adjustable release points for coloured water gives student ownership over the experiment – creating their own streak lines. The option to use interchangeable bodies in the working section provides flexibility for customized experiments, giving students choice and variety to discover fluid mechanics by following their own interest.
From visualizing streamlines, streak lines, and path lines to studying potential flow, boundary layers, wakes, and creeping flow, this accessory offers a wide range of capabilities for qualitative and quantitative analysis of fluid flow. It bridges the gap between theory and practice, empowering students to connect theoretical concepts with practical observations.

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