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Armfield Impact of Jet Apparatus F1-16

The Armfield F1 Fluid Mechanics products provide a comprehensive range of hydraulic models each of which is designed to demonstrate a particular aspect of hydraulic theory.

The Impact of Jet Apparatus, F1-16. This consists of clear acrylic test cylinder, into which water is fed vertically through a nozzle. The water strikes a target mounted on a stem. A weight pan mounted at the top of the stem allows the force of the water to be counterbalanced by applied masses.

Experimental outcomes include:

* Principle of linear momentum
* To investigate the reaction forces produced by the change in momentum of a fluid flow
* Measurement of the forces produced by a jet impinging on solid surfaces which produce different degrees of flow deflection

Fluid mechanics has developed as an analytical discipline from the application of the classical laws of statics, dynamics and thermodynamics, to situations in which fluids can be treated as continuous media.

The particular laws involved are those of the conservation of mass, energy and momentum and, in each application, these laws may be simplified in an attempt to describe quantitatively the behavior of the fluid.

Armfield Fluid Science Teaching Aids

Building on a proven track record of developing innovative hands-on teaching equipment, Armfield are pleased to broaden its range in the Fluid Science Series.

Introducing students to the world of engineering at the earliest opportunity and engaging with them to gain a fundamental understanding of Fluid Mechanics via an intuitive and practical suite of products.

Armfield aims to provide students with a thorough grounding and understanding of the theory of:- Venturi meter, Orifice plate, Energy losses in pipes, Energy losses in bends, Free surface demonstration (surface at atmospheric pressure), U-tube manometer and Inclined manometer.

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