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Understanding Structural Behaviour

Armfield have teamed up with Dr David Brohn (who is also working with the Institution of Structural Engineers on this topic) to develop a range of hardware and software specifically to address this issue of understanding structural behaviour. This is a highly modular system with almost an infinite range of possibilities.

To simplify purchasing, the components are available in a number of kits depending on requirements, there are eight standard projects including:

– Cantilever beam
– Simply supported beam
– Two span beam
– Pinned beam
– Rigid right angle joint
– Rigid portal frame
– Portal frame with pinned connection
– Portal frame with pinned support

The equipment provides an unsurpassed and unique learning experience when the display software is coupled with the sensors, actuators and analysis software.

Armfield Fluid Machines

The FM53 Plunger Pump Demonstration Unit replicates those used in industry in a wide variety of applications such as cleaning or process technology in the chemical industry.

The plunger or ram pump is used for pumping small quantities of liquid at high pressure. Electronic sensors measure the instantaneous cylinder pressure within the pump, the pump displacement and the cumulative flow.

Computer controlled with datalogging the FM53 is one of Armfield’s vast range of units with remote access capabilities.

See the extensive range of fluid machine demonstration units at or contact to discuss your remote access needs.