ST Series – Structural Engineering


ST Series – Structural Engineering


The Armfield ST series is designed to understand structural behaviour and by combining hardware and software, diagrams are displayed immediately behind the structure.

A pioneering new approach to the teaching of structural engineering. A fusion of innovative software, unique hardware and the authoritative textbook provide a firm foundation on the understanding of structural behaviour.

Unique features :

  • Intuitive design providing great touch and feel
  • Carbon fibre elements provide exaggerated response for enhanced visualisation
  • Carbon fibre elements also provide negligible plastic deformation for long life and repeatability
  • Fully integrated hardware and software display
  • Includes eight standard projects including cantilevers, beams and portal frames
  • Wide range of additional structures can be constructed from simple components
  • Compare computer simulations with actual responses
  • Sensor and instrumentation package
  • Supplied with the textbook Understanding Structural Analysis by Dr David Brohn

Understanding Structural Behaviour ST10

ST10 includes:
Eight standard projects including cantilevers, beams and portal frames
Backboard matrix for building the physical structure model
Set of elements, supports and joints for the above range of structures to be implemented (many others can also be implemented)
32” High definition display with HDMI interface
Display and Visualisation software
RISA 2D models
Book “Understanding Structural Analysis” by Dr. David Brohn − Includes demo version of QSE Analysis software
Storage facility for all components
Capabilities can be extended by the addition of the Instrumentation Package ST11

Instrumentation Package ST11

ST11 comprises:
Deflection Sensor; Linear Actuator; Three Component Rigid Support Sensor; Two Component Pinned Support Sensor;
Simple Support Sensor, Interface Unit plus power supply and interconnecting cables; Software for Control and Instrumentation functions is supplied with ST10.
Note: Additional sensors and actuators can be added later.

Functions of the software

  • Contains presentations to introduce the concepts of bending moment, shear, deflections and reactions and their associated graphical representation on the structure diagram
  • When used in conjunction with the instrumentation hardware, the software controls the actuators and displays the outputs from the various sensors
  • In this mode the displayed diagrams relate to the actual load applied by the actuator, rather than a simulated load
  • Provides calibration for the sensors and screen

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