SD-1.24-Plate Clutch Apparatus


SD-1.24-Plate Clutch Apparatus

The simplicity of operation and the ease with which the student may understand the Mechanical Power Flow in the Borg-Warner 35 gearbox has made the simulator extremely popular with lecturers and students alike, in Technical Colleges throughout the world.


The Clutch Apparatus has been designed specifically for Motor Vehicle Technician Courses. It provides a means of demonstrating the effect of the mean radius of the friction surfaces and the spring pressure on the torque transmitted by a plate clutch.

The apparatus may be used effectively by the student in the laboratory to carry out simple experiments to investigate the relationship between the normal pressure applied to the friction surfaces, the mean radius of the friction rings and the torque at which slip occurs.

Three sets of clutch rings with varying mean radius are supplied and provision is made so that the student can observe the effect on the slipping torque when using more than one pair of friction surfaces.

The unit may be wall mounted or fitted to the Universal Mounting Frame (Ref SD-1.10).

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


Mounting Frame: SD-1.10

Weights: SD-1.02

Packed and crated shipping specifications

Volume: 0.06m³

Gross weight: 14Kg

Length: 0.30m
Width: 0.28m
Height: 0.30m
Net weight: 14Kg



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