S Series – Research Flumes


S Series – Research Flumes


Armfield: suppliers of world-leading fixed bed and tilting flume technology, for over 50 years

Representing innovative product evolution, Armfield’s latest series of fully configurable, modular flume systems are designed to exceed the requirements of research and teaching facilities alike.

Available as free discharge, recirculation or a combination of both; flumes systems are accompanied by a range of Hydraulic & Hydrology equipment that includes tanks, basins, experimentation models and instrumentation.

  • Standard research flumes (available as tilting or fixed bed and in several working lengths)
  • Standard computer controlled research flumes (available as tilting or fixed bed and in several working lengths)
  • Special flumes, tanks and basins
  • Ancillary equipment
    • Sediment transport facilities
    • Mono and random wave makers
    • Instrumentation

Armfield can design bespoke systems for your applications.
As with all of our equipment, we can install, commission and offer full training and on site maintenance.
Depending on customer requirements, channels can be designed to incorporate the following features:

  • Fixed bed or variable slope
  • Self-contained or laboratory supplied water
  • Open circuit or re-circulating sediment load
  • Choice of working section materials (glass, metal, wood)
  • Inclusion of a wave generator and beach
  • Instrumentation systems for flow, velocity, level, etc.
  • Sediment sampling

Modular standard fixed bed and standard tilting bed flumes

Armfield flumes are engineered with the industry’s most comprehensive range of options:

  • Control and acquisition
  • Sediment transport / feeding / weighing / extraction
  • Random and mono wave generation systems
  • Walkways, gantries and jacking systems
  • Bespoke pumping solutions from single to multiple pumps with flow rates ranging from 1-1000 L/sec
  • Weir types including: venetian weir; base hinge; stop log; gate & sluice
  • Integrated touchscreen PLC control and logging systems
  • Optional glass base sections for full particle image velocimetry (PIV) analysis
  • Standard Lengths from 5m- 50m
  • Models & Instrumentation

Static configurable modular flumes 

  • S60ST – Width 0.6m, Depth 0.8m, Length From 5m-50m+
  • S80ST – Width 0.8m, Depth 1.0m, Length From 5m-50m+
  • S100ST – Width 1.0m, Depth 1.2m, Length From 5m-50m+
Lengths in 2.5m increments

Above lists standard size flumes, available in free discharge or recirculation.
Bespoke lengths and widths can also be offered.


Tilting configurable modular flumes

  • S60 (tilting) – Width 0.6m, Depth 0.8m, Length From 5m-30m*
  • S80 (tilting) – Width 0.8m, Depth 1.0m, Length From 5m-30m*
  • S100 (tilting) – Width 1.0m, Depth 1.2m, Length From 5m-30m*
Lengths in 2.5m increments

Above lists standard size flumes, available in free discharge or recirculation.
Bespoke lengths and widths can also be offered.
*Note: length of tilting flume subject to tilt requirements


Wind Generation / Wave Generation / Sediment Transport / Electrical Jacking / Reservoir Tanks

Armfield offer numerous options for incorporation into our range of large Flumes (S6, S60, S80, S100). Many of these options can be combined together to offer greater flexibility for simulation and research.

Wind generation

Armfield can offer the addition of wind simulation with a variable speed fan system connected to a clear cowling running over the flume. This can be operated in conjunction with wave generation and water flow conditions.

  • Wind simulation generation in excess of 20 meters per second
  • Integrated control within our bespoke flume software

Integrated solution

At Armfield, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop bespoke Flume solutions to meet our customers exacting requirements. All Armfield flumes can be provided in full recirculation closed loop mode or free discharge using a range of control weirs (base hinge, venetian, stop log, vertical gate) flowing into supplementary tanks.

Wave generation

Wave generation and the effects of waves are significant areas of study. Whatever the application, Armfield can supply a complete system designed to suit the particular requirements.


Armfield can offer simple regular flap type Wavemeker or an advanced computer controlled Wavemaker. The advanced Wavemaking software produces an extensive range of regular and irregular wave spectra to meet the wide range of requirements from physical modelling activities.

Sediment Transport Recirculating sediment systems

Armfield offer many sediment transport options including, through pump full transport, catch, sampling and weighing, extraction facilities and dedicated sediment transport circuits as shown below.

Basket weighing system

The need to gather data regarding the erosion of sediment in relevant experiments always presents a challenge. Armfield offer a weighing system that is efficient and easy to use. The system can be integrated into the software and allows the logging of weight against time.
A removable diverter plate assists to ‘drop out’ fast moving particulate.

Electrical jacking

This is available for S60, S80 and S100 flumes and the 10M upwards versions of S6-MkII.

Reservoir tanks

Storage/reservoir tanks can be offered along with walkways mounted above to give access to the flume working section.
The S6 flumes are supplied with reservoir tanks as standard.

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