S Series – Hydraulics & Hydrology


S Series – Hydraulics & Hydrology


Drainage and Seepage Tank – S1

This self-contained facility is designed to enable a comprehensive study of flow through permeable media. Using sand and the various two dimensional models supplied, it is possible to determine flow lines, seepage rates and the distribution of uplift pressures.
A useful facility for student project work in engineering hydrology.

  • Flow line visualisation
    Flow net construction
    Determining seepage rates
    Verification of Darcy’s Law
    Comparison of experimental results with analytical solutions

Rainfall Hydrographs – S10

A compact unit for the study of a variety of rainfall run off situations. A range ofaccessories enables the effects on the flood hydrograph of surface reservoir retention, depression, storage effects and land drainage to be demonstrated.

Ground Water Flow Unit – S11

A bench standing sand tank capable of demonstrating hydrological principles of ground water flow and the applications of these to certain water resource engineering constructions. Demonstrations of flood risks associated with land drainage works, the use of wells for both water abstraction, de-watering and the drainage of lakes and polders are all readily performed. The unit enables simple three-dimensional flow situations to be set up quickly and measurements of piezometric levels taken at appropriate positions within the model.

River Flow Simulator – S17

The Armfield S17 simulation tank demonstrates river feature formation, including flow and bed load motion. It provides an excellent introduction to the study of fluvial geomorphology and can also demonstrate sophisticated and advanced concepts for research purposes.

Environmental Hydrology System – S12-MkII
Advanced Environmental Hydrology System – S12-MkII-50

This floor-standing Hydrology System includes features suitable for studying fluvial geomorphology. It combines the capabilities of the Rainfall Hydrographs and Ground Water Flow Unit into a single comprehensive facility. The system is fully instrumented for investigation of rainfall/run-off hydrographs, ground water abstraction studies and unique to this apparatus, fluvial mechanics.

Data logging accessory available.

  • Includes the following accessories: Impermeable catchment – Permeable catchment – Cylinder – Rectangle – Rounded bridge pier – Streamlined bridge pier

S12-Models for use with S12-MkII

An optional accessory is a set of shapes and models for use when investigating surface flow effects and run-off effects

Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel – S8-MkII

The ability to vary both the slope and water flow rate enables the flume to generate a full array of alluvial bed forms. The development, stability and transition of the regimes may be followed visually and by measurements.

Mobile Bed and Flow Visualisation Tank – S2

A versatile apparatus for teaching, project and research work.
Available with 2.0m or 4.0m long working section.

The tank may be used in two principal fields of study:

  • Hydraulic modelling of mobile bed situations such as water courses or civil engineering structures
  • Two-dimensional flow visualisation using, for example, the Ahlborn dust indicator technique

Hydraulic Flow Demonstrator – S16

A free-standing accessory to the F1-10 Hydraulic Bench that enables hydraulic phenomena, associated with the flow of water through both open channels and close conduits, to be set up quickly, easily and visually demonstrated. Measurements taken in each configuration permit the associated flow conditions to be analysed.

An elevating section of the bed inside the channel and models of various hydraulic structures enable the difficult concepts of critical flow/velocity/depth and energy changes to be clearly demonstrated and analysed.

Models supplied include the Undershot Weir, Overshot Weir, Narrow crested Weir, Broad crested Weir, Ogee Weir and Culvert. In all cases, the effects of changes in upstream and downstream water level can be investigated.

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