PCT55 – Programmable Logic Controller


PCT55 – Programmable Logic Controller


PCT 55 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with graphical touch screen control panel designed primarily for use with the Armfield EPC series of process control products, but can also be used to control other items.

It is supplied with PID control algorithms implemented in ladder logic and configured to suit each of the EPC processes. The user has full access to all the software and algorithms with the following features:

  • Calibration of the sensors associated with each product, calibration values can be stored in the PLC
  • Specific control exercises written for the four Armfield process units
  • Both proportional analogue and time proportioning discrete outputs
  • Individual Control of P, I & D parameters, re-verting to default parameters for each product on start up
  • User selection of sample time, cycle time, filter weighting
  • The control algorithms are written as separate sub-routines, making it straightforward for advanced users to write and use their own ladder logic control algorithms
  • Control facilities exist for a user defined process as well as the four Armfield process rigs without having to change the programming
  • Freely available programming software for the PLC and touch screen downloadable from the manufacturer’s website.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Supplied pre-programmed with specific control exercises for the four Armfield EPC processes
  • Proportional analogue and time proportioning discrete PID outputs
  • Freely accessible programming software from plc manufacturer for both plc and touch screen
  • USB interface to PC for monitoring and programming
  • Users can access and modify the ladder logic control algorithms
  • Connects to the process under evaluation using simple plug connections:
  • 2 analogue inputs, 0-5V (from sensors), one analogue output and one digital output
  • Additional terminals implemented on the front panel for user programming:
    • 1 analogue output,
    • 1 digital output
    • 2 digital inputs.


Electrical supply:
PCT 55 derive power from the EPC units, but if used independently require a 24V dc adaptor.

  • PCT50
  • PCT51
  • PCT52
  • PCT53


Volume: 0.1m³

Gross Weight: 10Kg

Length: 0.305m

Width: 0.280m

Height: 0.120m


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