PCT51 – Flow Control


PCT51 – Flow Control

PCT51 is a visible and easy to understand water flow control process.


PCT51 is a visible and easy to understand water flow control process. Water stored in the sump tank is pumped through a parallel pipe arrangement mounted on the lid of the tank and returns to the tank via two outlets, a software switched divert valve prior to the flow-meter and a manually operated variable valve after the flow-meter. Both outlets also incorporate interchangeable orifices to vary their characteristics.

Repeatable disturbances can be implemented using the solenoid valve and a wide range of different control investigations can be implemented using the interchangeable orifices and adjustable valves.

The PCT51 is an ideal system for demonstrating the onset of instability, the importance of filtering on the sensor output, and the trade-off between filter weighting and proportional gain on stability.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


  • Flow control by varying pump speed:
  • Manual control flow (open loop)
  • On/Off control and flow (closed loop)
  • Proportional control flow (closed loop, P only and P+I)
  • Optimising proportional control of flow (closed loop P+I+D)
  • Direct control or Indirect control using an external controller:
    • PID Controller (PCT54)
    • PLC Controller (PCT55)

PCT51 Level Control Process
A flow control process trainer, comprising:

  • 0-4l/min. flow-meter, mounted above 8 litre sump tank
  • Two discharge ports, one with remote controlled solenoid valve and one with manually controlled valve.
  • Four interchangeable orifices for use with the discharge valves
  • Variable speed submersible centrifugal pump
  • USB interface to PC, plus connection terminals for interfacing to external controllers
  • Supplied with educational software for PID control as well as data logging.

Mains electrical supply:

110 to 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz.
(Note, the units are supplied with: IEC leads to suit European and UK 230V, 50Hz outlets and USA 115V, 60 Hz outlets.)

PC computer with 2 spare USB ports (not supplied by Armfield) or external controller (PCT54 or PCT55)

Tap Water


Volume: 0.15m³

Gross Weight: 20Kg

Length: 0.425m

Width: 0.350m

Height: 0.450m


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