PCT50 – Level Control


PCT50 – Level Control

PCT50 is a highly visible and easy to understand water level control process.


PCT50 is a highly visible and easy to understand water level control process. It comprises two clear acrylic tanks; a process tank mounted above a sump tank. Water is pumped up to the process tank and drains back to the sump tank via two valves, one manually variable and the other switched by software. Each valve can also be fitted with different sized external orifices to change their characteristics.

This flexible arrangement allows a wide range of control scenarios to be set up, including two fundamentally different processes, i.e.

  • Level control by proportionally varying pump speed (Inflow control)
  • Level control by time-proportioned opening of a solenoid valve (Outflow control)

When using inflow control, repeatable disturbances can be implemented using the solenoid valve, and varied by using different orifice sizes. When using outflow control the pump speed can be stepped to provide a full range of repeatable disturbances. These techniques allow direct comparison of different controller settings.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


  • Inflow control by varying pump speed
  • Outflow control by time proportional cycling of a solenoid drain valve
  • Direct control or Indirect control using an external controller:
    • PID Controller (PCT54)
    • PLC Controller (PCT55)

PCT50 Level Control Process
A level control process trainer, comprising:

  • 4.25 litre Process tank, with overflow, mounted above 8 litre sump tank
  • Level sensor range 0-150mm H2O
  • Two discharge ports, one with remote controlled solenoid valve and one with manually controlled valve.
  • Four interchangeable orifices for use with the discharge valves
  • Variable speed submersible centrifugal pump
  • Capable of both analogue PID control using the pump and time proportioning PID control using the solenoid valve
  • USB interface to PC, plus connection terminals for interfacing to external controllers
  • Supplied with educational software for PID control as well as data logging.

Mains electrical supply:

110 to 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz.
(Note, the units are supplied with: IEC leads to suit European and UK 230V, 50Hz outlets and USA 115V, 60 Hz outlets.)

PC computer with 2 spare USB ports (not supplied by Armfield) or external controller (PCT54 or PCT55)

Tap Water


Volume: 0.18m³

Gross Weight: 25Kg

Length: 0.425m

Width: 0.350m

Height: 0.575m


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