DT-8.04 Portal Frame Apparatus


DT-8.04 Portal Frame Apparatus


A simple piece of apparatus designed for use in conjunction with theoretical studies in the deflections of a simple rectangular portal frame subject to varying applied loads.

It can be used by the student to determine experimentally:-

  1. The deflection of the frame when subject to horizontal loading.
  2. The deflection of the frame when subject to vertical loading.

The specimen portal frame is attached to a rigid base by simple clamps and loads can be applied by mass hangers and a suitable ranges of masses.

The horizontal and vertical deflections to the frame can be conveniently measured by means of dial gauges.

Complete with masses.

Technical Specifications

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Packed and crated shipping specifications

Volume: 0.65m³

Gross weight: 15Kg

Length: 0.70m

Width: 0.21m

Height: 0.50m

Net weight: 10Kg


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