DT-8.03 Two Hinged Arch Beam Apparatus


DT-8.03 Two Hinged Arch Beam Apparatus


The apparatus enables the student to determine experimentally the horizontal component of the abutment thrust of a simple two hinged arch beam.

The beam is supported on ball bearing rollers attached to each end of the beam and the horizontal movement of the free end is indicated by a dial gauge so that the beam can be returned to its original unloaded span.

The horizontal thrust force is applied to the free end of the beam by means of masses attached to a cord passing over ball bearing pulleys.

Varying loads may be applied to the beam by means of load hangers and masses and a dial gauge is provided to enable the vertical displacement to be measured.

Complete with masses.

Technical Specifications

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Packed and crated shipping specifications

Volume: 0.67m³
Gross weight: 14Kg

Length: 0.75m
Width: 0.21m
Height: 0.54m
Net weight: 9.25Kg


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