DT-8.02 Suspended Beam Apparatus


DT-8.02 Suspended Beam Apparatus


This apparatus is intended to represent a simple application of a suspended beam and may be used to determine experimentally the tension in the cables supporting a beam carrying a series of distributed loads.

A light alloy BEAM is supported on the rods attached at pivot points to cross members threaded on the supporting cables which pass over ball bearing pulleys.

Tension in the supporting cables is determined by attaching suitable masses to the cable stirrups.

Loads may be applied to the beam by attaching masses at a series of loading points and indicators enable the beam to be returned to a position for the ‘true shape’ of the supporting cables.

Complete with masses.

Technical Specifications

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Packed and crated shipping specifications

Volume: 0.2m³

Gross weight: 12Kg

Length: 0.85m

Width: 0.26m

Height: 0.45m

Net weight: 8.5Kg


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