C Series


C Series


Advanced Fluid Mechanics

C1-MKIII – Compressible Flow Unit 

A versatile apparatus, based around a multi-stage air compressor, designed to teach the concepts of compressible flow. The basic unit contains all that is required to demonstrate the fundamental principles, but an accessory is also available, containing a number of interchangeable test sections to give a wider knowledge and understanding to the student.

C1-MkIII-30 – Compressible Flow Unit – Additional test sections option
C1-MkIII-35 – Compressor Test Accessory – Compressor performance tests
C1-MkIII-DTA-aLITE Data logger and Educational software option

C2 – Subsonic Wind Tunnel

This wind tunnel has been designed to provide the fundamental air flow facilities necessary to perform basic wind tunnel experiments. Its mobility makes it uniquely suitable for both laboratory or lecture room and the performance of the tunnel and its instrumentation make it suitable for simple project work.

Data logging accessory H14/2 available.

C3-MKII – Multi-Pump Test Rig

The rig can accommodate both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps, and is supplied with the most common example of each type as standard (i.e. a centrifugal pump and a gear pump). A range of other pump types are available as accessories, including axial, turbine, flexible impeller, diaphragm and plunger; plus a second centrifugal pump for series/parallel demonstrations.
Up to four pumps can be accommodated within the rig simultaneously for use within a single laboratory period, and each can be run without disconnecting any pipework or connections.
ArmSoft Educational software and data logging hardware included as standard.

C3-MkII-20SP Second Centrifugal Pump
C3-MkII-22 Axial Flow Pump
C3-MkII-23 Flexible Impellor Pump
C3-MkII-24 Turbine Pump
C3-MkII-25 Diaphragm Pump (requires C3-MkII-40)
C3-MkII-26 Plunger Pump (requires C3-MkII-40)
C3-MkII-40 Volumetric Measurement System

C4-MKII – Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume

A low cost laboratory flume with an experimental range and accuracy comparable with larger-scale research flumes. Students can clearly see the models under investigation through the transparent side walls. A wide selection of open channel experiments can be performed.
A set of models and gauges are provided with the flume as part of the standard supply, comprising:

Venturi flume

  • Sharp and broad crested weirs
  • Crump weir
  • Adjustable undershot weir
  • Two Vernier level gauges

Available in 2.5m and 5.0m working section lengths.
Optional educational software is available (C4-MkII-ABASIC) offering a complete teaching package of coursework.

C4-MkII-11 – Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume With Flow Meter
C4-MkII – aBASIC Teaching Software For Multi-Purpose Flume

C6-MKII – Fluid Friction Measurements

The head loss caused by fluid friction in straight pipes and the effects of fluid velocity, pipe diameter and surface roughness can be fully investigated using this apparatus.
The complete system enables the investigation of the phenomenon associated with incompressible fluid flow in pipes.

• ArmSoft educational software for fluid friction measurements is available
• Data logging accessory available

C7-MKII – Pipe Surge & Water Hammer Apparatus

Specifically designed to produce and measure the shock waves associated with the phenomenon of water hammer. Correlation between actual and theoretical shock waves can be examined as well as the determination of the sonic velocity within the pipe. The characteristics of a surge shaft can also be examined.

C9 – Comprehensive Flow Meter Demonstration

A self-contained apparatus to demonstrate the characteristics of flow meters used in measurement of water flow through pipes or open channels. Configurable with 14 Accessories:
Current meter – Inferential multi-stream – Washington flume – Helical rotary – Shunt gapmeter – ‘H’ flume – Electromagnetic – Pitot – Crump weir – Volumetric rotary piston – Orifice – Broad-crested weir – Swinging flap – Venturi

C10 – Laminar Flow Table

Enables comprehensive grid measurement and photography of two dimensional laminar flow patterns in incompressible fluids. The equipment extends the classical Hele-Shaw approach by including eight sinks and sources, plus a dye injection system, enabling flow patterns to be seen more vividly.

C11 – Pipe networks accessory

Specifically designed to allow the study of a wide range of different pipe networks. The unit consists of:

  • Pipe network mounted on free standing support frame
  • Clear acrylic test pipes all 0.70m long
  • Inside diameters of 1x 6mm, 2x 9mm, 1x 10mm, 1x 14mm
  • 10 Isolating Valves
  • Hand-held electronic pressure meter with self-sealing quick-release connections

C15 – Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel

The Armfield C15 is a computer controlled subsonic bench-top wind tunnel designed for undergraduate teaching. It has a 150mm (six inch) transparent working section and offers a wide range of models for aerodynamic and air flow studies.

An extensive range of models, accessories & instrumentation is available for the C15-10

C16 – Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System

An elegant method of flow visualisation, where hydrogen bubbles are used to visualise fluid mechanics phenomena so difficult to describe theoretically.
The system utilises a unique fluid drive unit to provide smooth flow in the working channel. An optional high resolution firewire webcam can be used to link to projectors or displays for large-scale presentations.

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