HT30X Service Unit Heat Exchange Accessories

Armfield’s new HT30x Heat exchange range, supplied a standard with full computer control and data-logging, including reversing of one of the fluid streams for co-current and counter-current investigations.

The service unit is available with seven interchangeable heat exchanger modules, includes embedded PID control and can be operated in a both a stand alone or computer controlled environment with up to 20 users simultaneously connected.

The equipment is controlled either by a user supplied personal computer or an optional ACU screen. 

HT30X – Service Unit, HT31 – Tubular Heat Exchanger, HT32 – Plate Heat Exchanger, HT33 – Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, HT34 – Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer, HT35 – Cross Flow Heat Exchanger, HT36 – Extended Tubular Heat Exchanger, HT37 – Extended Reconfigurable Heat Exchanger

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