HT10XC Computer Controlled Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment

The Armfield HT10XC is a service unit that can be used in conjunction with a range of small-scale accessories for a wide range of demonstrations into the modes of heat transfer.

The factors that affect heat transfer can be investigated and some of the practical problems associated with the transfer of heat can be visualised.

HT10XC – Computer Controlled Heat Transfer Teaching Equipment, HT11 – Linear Heat Conduction, HT11C – Computer Controlled Linear Heat Conduction, HT12 – Radial Heat Conduction, HT12C – Computer Controlled Radial Heat Conduction, HT13 – Laws of Radiant Heat Transfer and Radiant Heat Exchange, HT14 – Combined Convection and Radiation / HT14C -Computer Controlled Combined Convection and Radiation, HT15 – Extended Surface Heat Exchanger, HT16 – Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement / HT16C – Computer Controlled Radiation Errors in Temperature Measurement, HT17 – Unsteady-State Heat Transfer, HT18C – Thermo-Electric Heat Pump, HT19C – Free and Forced Convection, HT20 -Computer Controlled Conductivity of Liquids and Gases / HT20C – Computer Controlled Conductivity of Liquids & Gases

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