HT11X – Linear Heat Conduction

The accessory comprises a heating section and a cooling section, which can be clamped together or clamped with interchangeable intermediate sections between them, as required. The temperature difference created by the application of heat to one end of the resulting wall and cooling at the other end results in the flow of heat linearly through the wall by conduction.

Thermocouples are positioned along both the heated section and cooled section at uniform intervals of 15mm to measure the temperature gradient along the sections
Heater can be voltage or PID controlled allowing for the temperature set-point to be achieved rapidly and maintained within 0.1°C
The HT10X service unit provides the accessory with the cooling water system
A pressure regulator is incorporated to minimise the effect of fluctuations in the supply pressure
The cooling water flow rate is measured by a turbine type flow sensor
A control valve on the HT10X service unit allows the flow of cooling water to be varied, if required, over the operating range of 0-1.5 l/min. Valve can be PID controlled for improved supply pressure disturbance reduction

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